Open Educational Resource (OER) presentations for selected topics of Computer Science

1. What is this?

These Open Educational Resources (OER) embed resources of the subgroup oer/cs on GitLab. While source files of that subgroup mostly focus on contents, the presentations and texts here demonstrate how such source files can be turned into teaching and learning material with the layout of a specific university. Feel free to use, share, and adapt those resources.

As usual for projects on GitLab, you can open issues to report bugs or suggest improvements, ideally with merge requests.

Presentations make use of the HTML presentation framework reveal.js.

2. Presentations

3. HTML documents

4. Source code and licenses

In the spirit of Open Educational Resources (OER), source files, necessary software, and presentations are published in this GitLab repository under free licenses. All OER presentations are created from plain text files in a simple text format called Org Mode (a lightweight markup language), focusing on content, while layout is defined separately. Importantly, the separation of content and layout simplifies collaboration across organizational boundaries, and the use of a simple text format enables comparisons of adapted or enhanced versions (with diff-like functionality).

Using the free software emacs-reveal these text files are translated into reveal.js HTML presentations, which can be viewed on (almost) any device with a Web browser. In times of dragnet surveillance and surreptitious as well as blatant data brokerage I recommend the Firefox variant Tor Browser as tool for digital self-defense (here in English and here in German); presentations work for me under the higher-than-default “Safer” security settings in Tor Browser.