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OS Overview

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IT Systems, Summer Term 2024
Dr. Jens Lechtenbörger (License Information)

1. Introduction

1.1. Recall: Big Picture of IT Systems

  • Explore abstractions bottom-up

    • Computer Architecture: Build computer from logic gates


      NAND” under CC0 1.0; from GitLab

      • Von Neumann architecture
      • CPU (ALU), RAM, I/O


        CPU” under CC0 1.0; cropped and converted from Pixabay

1.1.1. OS Responsibilities

What does your OS even do?

What does your OS even do?

Figure © 2016 Julia Evans, all rights reserved; from julia's drawings. Displayed here with personal permission.

1.1.2. Definition of Operating System

  • Definition from (Hailperin 2019): Software
    • that uses hardware resources of a computer system
    • to provide support for the execution of other software.

Figure 1.1 of cite:Hai17

Figure 1.1 of cite:Hai17” by Max Hailperin under CC BY-SA 3.0; converted from GitHub

1.2. Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Be able to write, compile, and execute small Java programs
    • What is an object? What is the meaning of this in Java?
    • How do you execute a program that requires a command line argument?
  • Be able to explain basic data structures (stacks, queues, trees) and algorithms (in particular, hashing)
  • Being able to explain the database transaction concept and update anomalies

2. OS Plan

2.1. Big Picture of OS Part

OS Overview image/svg+xml OS Overview Jens Lechtenbörger Summer 2024 Hardware as basis(Discussed in Part 1) Applications (Users) System Call Interface Wk 20: OS Introduction Wk 22: I/O and Interrupts Wk 23: Threads as units of computation Wk 23: Thread scheduling Wk 24: Concurrency, MX - Primitives provided by OS - Lots of challenges Wk 25: Threads need memory - Instructions and data - OS supports virtual memory Wk 26: Processes - OS manages processes - Units of isolation - Threads, memory, ressources

2.2. A Quiz


Hailperin, Max. 2019. Operating Systems and Middleware – Supporting Controlled Interaction. revised edition 1.3.1.

License Information

Source files are available on GitLab (check out embedded submodules) under free licenses. Icons of custom controls are by @fontawesome, released under CC BY 4.0.

Except where otherwise noted, the work “OS Overview”, © 2017-2024 Jens Lechtenbörger, is published under the Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0.